Food Sensitivities-Is It Time To Get Tested?

POSTED BY nutritionallyfit | Oct, 07, 2014 |

Do you suffer from any of the below?

  • headaches

  • severe nasal congestion

  • abdominal cramps

  • bloating

  • diarrhea after eating

If you experience some of these symptoms you may be suffering from food sensitivities. And unfortunately the gut will never heal unless you stop throwing inflammatory foods into your digestive tract. The only way to stop repeated bouts of inflammation is to remove the inflammatory foods. Inflammation is reduced and stays away if you get tested for food sensitivities-MRT test (mediator release test) and follow the 4-6 week protocol in order to flush the inflammatory mediators out of your system. So stop the vicious cycle of inflammation and get some answers by getting an MRT test.


“My twelve year old son suffered from migraine headaches and gas but he was also experiencing the “terrible tweens”.  Unable to deal with his out bursts we decided to take him to a psychologist to learn how to deal with his behavior. Several months later I took him to get tested for food sensitivities and to our surprise not only did his migraine headaches and gas disappear but our son was unbelievable calm and was no longer coming unglued when he didn’t get his way. We learned food contributed greatly to his behavior while others told us it was “normal tween behavior.”

“I use to experience bloating, gastrointestinal pains and suffer from migraine headaches. Who would have known identifying foods I was eating and omitting them from my diet was the cause of these conditions. Not only did I learn these foods caused pain in both my head and gut but I also learned they were the cause of a rash I developed on my arm; which miraculously disappeared within a week of starting the immuno-calm Leap diet.”

Take a Food Sensitivity Pre-Screening Test to see if you’d benefit from getting tested. Click here to take the test.


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