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Conquer Your Food Cravings

Ever find yourself fantasizing about chocolate or French fries late at night? Believe it or not there’s a science behind your cravings. Studies have shown people with low levels of dopamine have a propensity to crave and binge on junk food. So what’s the trick to boosting dopamine levels? Well it’s not that tough and I’m here to explain what foods you need to eat to pump up your dopamine levels. By consuming an amino acid called tyrosine you can increase your dopamine levels.

Foods to eat to stave off cravings:

  1. Chicken- A lean protein choice to douse you with a dose of dopamine.

  2. Oats- 1 cup of oats topped with berries and walnuts is packed full of tyrosine a great meal for breakfast.

  3. Shellfish-Yet another lean protein option also has an added benefit and is high in tyrosine. Steamed clams drizzled with heart healthy olive oil will kick it up a notch!

  4. Ricotta Cheese- Spread lowfat ricotta cheese on whole wheat bread a great option for a dopamine boosted snack.

It can be tough to fight off those late night cravings for something sweet or salty but by adding tyrosine rich foods (which boost dopamine levels)  into your diet you can decrease your cravings and keep those added pounds at bay!


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