Happy Healthy Halloween – 4 Ways to Ensure a Healthy Holiday

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4 Ways to Ensure That You Have a Healthy Halloween

Halloween, for some, is one of the best holidays of the year. Besides, who doesn’t like dressing up and eating candy, candy, and… well, more candy?! While this day may be something to look forward to for some, for those of us who are health conscious, it could be a bit daunting (pun intended). Here are four ways to make your Halloween a bit healthier.

Before going trick-or-treating, fill yourself up with a healthy meal

If you’re full before collecting candy, chances are you’ll eat less of it. Make some stuffed orange peppers with shredded chicken, black beans, veggies, and Mexican or brown rice. You can even cut the pepper to resemble a jack-o-lantern as a means to make it a bit more festive.

Get in some exercise while you trick-or-treat

Instead of driving from house to house, walk! Or maybe consider having someone drop you off at a neighborhood nearby so that you have to walk the full distance back to your home by the end of the night.

Keep healthier snacks at your home to give out

Consider handing out animal crackers, tangerines with jack-o-lantern faces drawn on them, pretzels, or sugar free hot chocolate packets. That way, if you have left over snacks at the end of the night, the sugary bad stuff won’t tempt you. Another alternative to giving out healthier snacks is to hand out toys. Kids love cute Halloween themed pencils, erasers, tattoos, Play-Doh, and stickers.

Keep your favorite candies and throw out the rest

Sort through your candy bag when you return home from trick-or-treating. Keep what you love and throw away – or hide – the rest. This way, you won’t be tempted by extra candy lying around the house.

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