Wheat Belly Diet? The skinny on wheat in your diet.

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Wheat Belly Diet, What Is It?

The best selling book, Wheat Belly Diet, written by cardiologist William Davis, M.D. makes some astonishing claims about the dangers of wheat. Dr. Davis suggests that wheat is so addictive that it causes uncontrollable eating and produces withdrawal symptoms when you stop consuming it. He also states that giving up wheat may cure type 2 diabetes, asthma, acid reflux, joint pain and insomnia. Also that wheat and the products containing wheat are largely to blame for the obesity epidemic, but I don’t agree. Obesity is caused by increased consumption low quality sugary, greasy foods, flours of all types and not just from wheat. People are oversized because they take in too many calories, and this excess is not being balanced with an increase in physical activity.

Dr. Davis blames wheat for “central obesity” (belly fat). An excess of this type of fat tissue is associated with diabetes, cardiovascular disease, certain types of cancer, and premature death. Losing weight regardless of the diet you choose can reduce abdominal obesity.

I do however agree with Dr. Davis’s advice, on eating carbohydrates that rank low on the glycemic index (carbohydrate foods ranked on how rapidly they affect blood sugar). He also advises eliminating all fast foods, processed snacks and junk foods, with which I am in total agreement.

I have no doubt that you’ll lose weight if you follow the wheat belly diet. If you are diabetic, have heart disease or high blood pressure the weight loss should improve your health. But keep in mind it is the pounds you lose not the elimination of the wheat that will make the difference in your health.


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  • Definitely, there is a correlation between weight loss and sound health that has been stated in this write-up. I have also pictured this thing in my book ‘How to lose your wheat belly’ available on Kindle.

  • Rena

    I’ve been on Atkins, South Beach and a general diet based on eating just following a plan with foods from the low end of the glycemic index. However, not until I went completely wheat-free did I really start to loses the inches, along with being free from sinusitis and GERD in addition to amazing improvements in my fibromyalgia. Following Dr. Davis’s Wheat Belly Diet has saved me a great deal of pain and distress and helped my doctor to eliminate several of my medications.

  • I decided to remove wheat from my diet for a week and I found that I feel calmer which helps with focusing and my desire to eat every I see has disappeared.

  • Joe

    I have been this coming Monday Wheat Free since Dec 9th. I lost about 12 Pounds, which I am happy but like to lose More. Blood Sugar is Normal and My Cholesterol is 192 with No Meds! Yes!
    This is not easy to go without Bread, but I find substitutes with Gluten Wheat Free Bread. The Truth behind Wheat is True and yes it is GMO! Growing up in the 50’s & 60’s Wheat was not modified like it is today. Highly Recommend anyone to go without, Bread, Cookies, Chips, Cereal, Pasta or Tortillas for Just 3 Days, Watch your Cravings Disappear. Glad I bought the Book and Eliminated the Wheat.

    Side Benefit Less Physical Pain. Thank you for exposing the Wheat Addiction Dr. Davis.

  • I saw Bill O’rielly talk about the Wheat Belly book on his show. I got it and started following it but not quite as strictly as you probably should. Since last August I have lost a bout 10 or 12pounds but the most amazing to me is that I am not constantly looking for something to eat. I don’ t have the cravings that I always had. I was given a 2lb box of my favorite See’chocolates and didn’t open them for more than a month. I can eat a piece and not go back for another. I use to put the box on a high shelf and then would be on a step stool in an hour or less getting it down and eating several prices, I usually eat my breakfast about 10 am and if I don’t pay attention to the time I can go till late afternoon before I even think of eating something and the it will be a very lite snack. I usually have a piece of some meat for dinner with a salad or a vegetable and am completely satisfied. This has been the best and easiest diet, if you want to call it that and I am finally losing weight that I gained back in the 90’s after taking Prednisone for fibromyalgia, which I got rid of years ago by following naturopathic programs, N.A.E.T. Treatments and Vitalzym. I am almost back to my ideal weight os 109 lbs. By the way I am 81 years old and feel better thanI have in years and have a lot of energy. I still take BP meds for hypertension but hope to get off of that one day.

  • patti

    It is not the actual wheat that is bad, it is the improper processing of the wheat that destroys the nutrition. I have dealt with low blood sugar all my life ….. until we began purchasing organic wheat berries, grinding them, and immediately making our bread. Eating the wheat berry in its entirety actually corrected my sugar level and I lost weight. A piece of toast in the morning sustained me for hours. I have good energy and no drop in sugar level. But it is vitally important to bake the bread or use the ground wheat within the first 6 hours of grinding, in order to utilize the wheat germ and all of the natural enzymes, oils and health benefits in it. Wheat germ contains a very good amount of protein, 27g per 115-gram serving. It has a low glycemic index, meaning its effect on blood sugar levels is mild. This makes wheat germ acceptable for diabetics who have to control their insulin levels. But keep in mind, wheat germ sold in stores has lost all of it’s nutritional value and can actually be rancid.

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