Top Diets of 2018: Dash Diet

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We’ve all heard the saying: “New Year, New Me.” While many of us want to make changes that hold true to this motto, we’re lost at how to get started. Eat less? Eat “healthier,” whatever that means? Workout more? The options are endless and because they’re so open ended, it’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed and misguided. Without direction, we’re more likely to give up on what we’re trying to achieve. Below are three maintainable diets (don’t let the word “diet” throw you off; these are lifestyle eating changes) that are best for getting you on track to a healthier new year!



What Does It Aim To Achieve?

It’s primarily designed to lower blood pressure, but it also promotes weight loss and reduces the risk of heart disease, cancer, strokes, kidney stones, and diabetes.


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