How to Keep It Healthy: Foods to Support Detoxification

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It’s January and you’re ready for a fresh start. For many the word “detox” comes to mind when thinking about starting a New Year. However, the word “detox” tends to freak us out, because we imagine a diet of nothing but liquids. Good news, you can help your body detox just by eating differently.


1. Cut down on sugar– Consuming high amounts of sugar contributes to inflammation and puts additional stress on your liver, the primary organ your body relies on to


2. Drink green juice but keep eating food. Living on juice alone is not a good idea. The body is trying to process toxins but can’t do that without eating food. When you stop eating solids for a while, this means solids are not moving through your digestive tract, which results in no bowel movement. You need to “poop” in order to get ridof toxins.


3. Stop eating processed foods. Food additives and preservatives put a strain on your liver and intestines, no 7-day cleanse can make up for that. Instead commit to eating whole foods. Organic fresh fruits and vegetables, hormone free meats and poultry and wild fish.

Healthy food choices - yogurt

4. Eat Berries. Berries are filled with antioxidants that will fight off free radicals; they are also high in fiber and are great for warding off junk food cravings.

By implementing these suggestions you’ll be detoxing your body naturally and have more energy.

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