How to Stay Healthy at the Amusement Park or Fair!

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Summer time is here so you know what that means, the kids/grandkids are begging you to go to the amusement park or fair. But between the cotton candy, chili fries, hot dogs and nachos, you are destined for a damaging day packed full of empty high calorie snacks and food. Eating right at an amusement park can seem like an impossible feat, but it doesn’t have to be.

What to do:  

Keep a lookout: While you are walking the park keep your eyes peeled for some healthy options. Avoid the hot dogs and hamburgers, and go for grilled chicken breast or veggie burger sandwich, side salad or fruit instead of fries.

Pack Snacks:

Whole-grain granola bars (3 grams of fiber or more)

Nuts & raisins



100% fruit leathers

100% fruit cups

Go easy on the sugary drinks: Sodas, lemonade and sports drinks are loaded with sugar and empty calories. Swap out the sugar for lowfat milk or a refreshing bottle of cold water.

Help kids, just say No! Nothing is more annoying than listening to your kids whining for the cotton candy, kettle corn and churros. An occasional treat is fine but limit them to no more then 2 times a week. 

Savor the treats. Rather than having your kids munching on a bag of kettle corn while strolling through the park, instead sit down and enjoy the flavor. It’s important to take pleasure from food and feel satisfied from the foods you eat, but that can only happen if you’re not gobbling them down quickly.


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